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Friday, 15 February 2013


 Sample Questions for Geography Practical Examination for March/May-2013 Examination

1.Draw contours and their cross-sections for the following relief features: Plateau,and conical hill.
2.Construct a simple scale for the RF:100000 and mark a distance of 5 km and 500 meters on the scale.
3.Interpret the given toposheet under the following heads:
(ii )landforms
(iii)communication lines
4.Interpret the given weather map under the following heads:
ii.wind direction and speed
iii.pressure conditions
5. Construction(practice these types of diagrams and charts)
i.Bar diagram
ii.line graph
iii.pie diagram
iv.physical map of India
v.political map of India
6.Construct a graticule for Cylindrical Equal area Projection on reduced radius of the earth of 2 cm with the interval of-15`.

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